We need volunteers to lead interactive workshops for young people to build on
their humanitarian values and to develop their personal, social, emotional skills.
Some workshops will be about migration. You will challenge assumptions about
migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, help them to develop empathy about
migrants’ motives for moving and understand the obstacles they face in their
new homes.
Other workshops will focus on first aid. You will help them learn skills so that
they can use the everyday objects around them to help when someone is
injured or ill.
You will get the satisfaction of developing young people’s skills and abilities and
seeing them grow in confidence.

What you will be doing?

# Lead interactive workshops for groups of young people in schools and
youth settings (e.g. youth groups, community centres and youth offending

# Help to plan workshops and prepare resources.

# Evaluate workshops using simple feedback methods.

# Look after training resources.

# Be observed once a year so that we can give you feedback on how you’re

# Give feedback to improve our education products and workshops.