Hope for the Future is looking for a Chair of Trustees, Treasurer and at least one other trustee to help lead their work tackling the climate emergency.

Hope for the Future empowers local communities to engage effectively with their MPs and other elected representatives to deepen their understanding of the climate crisis, and the actions needed to address it.

Our vision is to see communities and their elected representatives across the UK come together to take decisive action on climate change, working to achieve the UK’s legally binding target of Net Zero by 2050 with pragmatism, authority and legitimacy. With COP26 only recently concluding, it is a vital time to keep up the pressure on the UK government to play our part in limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees. We have a proven record of effectively engaging MPs across party lines and successfully completing the pipeline from trust building between elected and electorate, to spurring action in Parliament.

A central part of our mission is ensuring we reach diverse communities across the UK. Having a diverse board is a central part of enabling us to do so. If you have questions about joining the Board – or perhaps have not been a trustee before – we would love to talk to help you to decide whether or not to apply. You can get in touch with Hannah Lownsbrough on board.recruitment@hftf.org.uk.