The MS Society – a community of people living with MS, scientists, campaigners, listeners, organisers, ambassadors and fundraisers. Our volunteers are a key part of achieving our goals and their support is vital. We require a volunteer Group Co-Ordinator to facilitate the following:
Coordinating the activities of our local group to meet the needs of the local MS community
Coordinating the recruitment, induction and ongoing support of new local group volunteers
Leading the group’s shared responsibility for planning and reporting expenditure and income
Approving income and expenditure with the other group bank account signatories and ensuring with the Finance Volunteer, that our financial requirements and policies relating to groups are followed
Ensuring the group’s activities comply with policies in order to keep people safe
Regularly communicating and acting as a key contact between staff and volunteers
Ensuring disclosure checks are completed and witnessed for volunteer roles that need them
Leading the group’s responsibility for designing and delivering services and activities in line with our Quality Standards so that they are safe, effective and impactful
We can support you to develop the skills you need for this role, including an induction into all the areas outlined. You will have a chance to discuss your role and any additional needs with us.