Canine Partners is a registered charity that transforms the lives of people with physical disabilities by partnering them with assistance dogs. Our amazing dogs bring a greater independence and quality of life to their partners, offering support, security, companionship, and practical help with everyday household tasks.
By volunteering at Canine Partners you contribute to something very special – ‘transforming the lives of people with physical disabilities by partnering them with assistance dogs’

Canine Partners are looking for volunteers who can provide loving homes for our young dogs, aged 14 months upwards, whilst helping to train them to be canine partners.
By volunteering you will:
o Be a valued member of our Charity
o Know that you are integrally involved in the care and training of a dog that will change the life of a person waiting for their Canine Partner
o Benefit from the companionship and enjoyment of having a dog in your life without life long commitment or costs associated with dog ownership
o Have the opportunity to meet like minded people

‘With out the continued hard work and support from our volunteers, we would not be able to provide our clients with our life changing dogs’

What is involved

Commitment to providing a loving home, care, and training for a dog for the duration of their time in training
This is considered a full time role; however, our trainers need access to the dogs during week days for training purposes. We ask that you commute to and from our training centre, when required, to drop off/collect the dog
Drop off and collection times are generally between 8-9am and 4-5pm
Availability to attend pre-arranged training sessions at your home, in your local area, and at our training centre.
With our guidance, and using positive training methods, to continue the training of the dog in various areas. For example:

  • Home behaviour
  • Social behaviour
  • Behaviour around other animals
  • Walking on a lead
  • Off lead exercise

Maintaining the dog’s health and welfare and, via support and training, to recognise behaviour/health concerns and report them immediately to the dog’s trainer

What we require from you

o You live within a 30 minute drive of our training centre
(post code LE12 9SR)
o That you, as the dogs main carer, are over 18 years of age
o You have a dog friendly secure garden
o Though desirable, prior dog ownership is not required.
o All members of the household are keen to foster one of our dogs
o There is no more than one pet dog living in your home. The pet dog must be over 12 months of age and would need to undergo our pet dog suitability assessment
o Have the time and ability to commit to the training and care of a young dog. This is a physical role
o Have access to a suitable vehicle to transport the dog
o That you or other approved adult member of the household are at home most of the day, and overnight, to care for the dog
o Have an area of your garden that can be used for toileting the dog – details about this are provided during our home check assessment.
o Understand that the dog in your care remains under the ownership of Canine Partners

Support and Training

o Induction process which includes the submission of an application form, initial phone call, and home visit
o On-going Instruction and support from our dog trainers. This will be in person, via video link, phone calls, hand-outs etc.
o Holiday cover arranged
o Reimbursement of expenses, such as mileage costs, if requested
o Invitation to join our Official Canine Partners Community Facebook Group