After a cancer diagnosis, young people’s plans around education and employment can be thrown off track leaving them with little idea or space to think about what might be next for them. This role will fill that gap. You would create space for a young person to explore their options in a safe, supported and knowledgeable environment.  

What you’ll be doing 

  •  Delivering a short term mentoring programme on education and/or employment for teenagers or young adults.  
  •  Running weekly one to one sessions with teenagers or young adults over a 4-6 week period following a blueprint programme of topics including CV creation, interview techniques, career path options and opening networks, further education options exploration.  
  •  Using your expertise to provide timely and accurate advice and support using different coaching and mentoring techniques. 
  •  Creating a supportive, dynamic and safe space with mutual trust and honesty, and that allows teenagers or young adults to begin to build back their confidence and rediscover what they want to do next in terms of education and employment.
  • Using your knowledge and tools to research and provide access to further support for the Young People you are supporting. This might mean resources and schemes to support emotional health, mental health, self-esteem when approaching education or employment. 
  •  Sessions will be run during standard working hours (9-4) Monday to Friday. Times will need to suit both you and the young person. There will be different options about online or in person mentoring, or a combination.

About you 

  • You’ll have a background in education or employment and good knowledge of best practice and pathways teenagers and young adults can take towards gaining skills and increasing employment opportunities, or have the knowledge to seek them out. Training, supervision and support will be provided by our Sheffield Social Care team. 
  • You’ll have good young people communication skills and be motivated to ensure young cancer patients have the same opportunities to thrive as anyone else. 
  • You’ll be comfortable using Microsoft Office including Outlook and Teams to deliver sessions online when necessary. 
  • Based within South Yorkshire, North Lincs and North Derbyshire region 

At Young Lives vs Cancer, we recognise that opportunities for too many people remain a condition of their race, class, sex, disability, sexual orientation – or a combination. This
has never been acceptable to us as an organisation. At Young Lives vs Cancer, we do not just accept difference — we value it, we celebrate it, we nurture it, and we thrive off it. 

We positively welcome your application irrespective of your background.
We are on a journey, and if you join us, you will be part of a community that is
committed make a difference to the lives of children and young people with cancer. 

Children and young people with cancer often face huge, lifelong inequalities as a result of their cancer. We believe that they and their families deserve more, that they have a right to expect the same opportunities as anyone else. We know that specialist, high quality and empowering support during and after cancer treatment has an enduring impact, creating better conditions for children and young people to go on to thrive