If you have a genuine interest in young people and want them to realise their potential and develop a greater confidence and self esteem through personal and social development, we’d like to hear from you.
The Youth Sports Volunteer will work with a team of sports workers and facilitate sport and fun activities for young people that access the recreational ground. This person will also support the team to take stock of equipment, process risk assessments and evaluate sessions.

You will have experience of working with young people.
You will be a good listener and a gifted communicator who can effectively engage with young people.
You will have current knowledge of some issues affecting young people e.g. teenage pregnancy, alcohol and substance misuse, family breakdown, bullying, peer pressure, mental health, learning or ohysical disabiities.
you will have a great enthusiasm for youth work or youth sports work.
you will have an interest in sports and be a keen and fair sports person.
you will be a reliable team member.